Twilight Colors of Sunset

It was one of the strongest & vivid sunset that I witnessed recently.

Twilight – the time of day between light and darkness, whether that’s just after sunset or just before sunrise – is one of the best times to enjoy nature’s splashing of colors. The light from the sky appears diffused and often pinkish. The sun’s rays from below the horizon are scattered by atmosphere and clouds to create the colors of twilight. Of course the location and the season also plays intricately into the effect. I am loving these Oregon summer sunsets, just after the afternoon thunderstorms –  the ones that are so rare & the ones that have the potential to burst into a million shades or just blend out flat into the horizon.

P.S : This blog is definitely be the place where I share the gem of my work and my thoughts. Additionally feel free to connect up @ the Facebook Page, if ur interested in additional shots and occasional ramblings from the shoots :)

Buy Print   Countryside Sunset
Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

8 Responses to “Twilight Colors of Sunset”

  1. Thanks every one for the kind comments. It was indeed an lovely evening to watch and capture the sunset … Wishing we have more sunsets like these here in Oregon ;-)


  2. That is the kind of gorgeous color I always hope to see but rarely get! Beautiful shot Sathya!


    • Wish these kind of color and sunset come by more often :)
      That particular day, I had planned to shoot at a swamp lagoon with reflections during sunset. After reaching there (scouted on google earth) was disappointed that it was closed for the season due to construction. As I was driving around the lake, the sun set just burst into colors and was lucky to pull over near by as it was a country side road.



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