The Eye of London

Getting all pumped for the London Olympics !

This week shot is from a quick stop over at London, from the recent past. In this photo you can see the London Eye (left, obviously :) ) in its full glory and the Palace of Westminster + Clock Tower (right). This was shot from the Millennium Bridge as we were enjoying a leisurely stroll with the cool night’s breeze. Though I was not there long enough to take a ride in the eye, the memories from the short visits to downtown is enough to pull me back there, sometime in future maybe !

Are you visiting London for Olympics ? What is your favorite spot there ?!

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London, UK

12 Comments to “The Eye of London”

  1. I was going to say WHY you did not meet me ? but since this was previous I shall ask when previous ?

    and oh yes I am in london from 4th august to 12th august, i have set my eyes on hockey , hope i get the tickets as you may have heard tickets were such shambolicly handled here in uk, some have got more then the ywanted and some have none, I got none I applied for many, and a few in my office have got ALL

    But I will be in london for sure for the 8 days

    lovely picture


    • @Bikram yeah this was from the trip before we met thru the blog … Our deal still stands, will meet up when I get a chance to visit there or you come in here :) Glad ur would be able to make it in person and hope u get the tickets to experience the same much more closer !


  2. Lovely pic! And can’t wait for the Olympics!


  3. Beautiful photo. I’m sure London is bustling right now. Wish I was there.


  4. I love the reflection of the colors!


  5. Beautiful nightscape Sathya. Great job.


  6. Thank you Edith. With such a view to the iconic skyline on one side and the eye on the other one could not go wrong :) I was also glad that the eye was not in rotation, that would have given a different feel.


  7. the eye of london, just looks wow :)


  8. yes Naresh, it was indeed such a lovely spot for night photography :)


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