Night out at Mt Rainier

It was one hell of a trip to Mt. Rainier National park last weekend. Trying to take advantage of travelling alone (which happens rarely), was thinking to sleep in the car- probably at a campground or at one of the overnight parking lot. The plan was to stay in the vicinity, to capture the first morning light on Mt Rainier. Being summer, that means being up at the spot by 5 AM. As I was driving towards the sunrise area of Mt Rainer, came across an empty parking lot at Sunrise Point. The view was so good that I decided to night out, right there. Dang it, I did not realize it would be this cold even inside the car. Next time need to carry a sleeping bag too :)

Anyway just as I was getting settled, the stars begin to peep, begging to be captured. I just could not help but take a stroll and set up for this shot. Though it was quiet remote northern part of the park & being atleast an hour+ drive to any established community, was surprised to see as much light pollution on the horizon. To add to it, the moon popped from behind. It was one fiery moon rise. I did want to capture more of the horizon, but the moon was way too bright to be captured along with the stars. Anyway the moonlight did help in lighting up the mountain. This is a panorama of two landscape shots. It is a single exposure (each) stitched together, with slight adjustments on levels and a bit of dodge, to put the the Milky Way on spot light.

It was one hell of an experience – just being one with nature, enjoying the slight cool breeze, shooting at mid night. Here is this week shot, in an attempt to capture that experience. Am sure you like it as much as I do. And by the by this would look amazing on metallic print !

Buy Print Milky Way @ Sun Rise Point
Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA

14 Comments to “Night out at Mt Rainier”

  1. Oregon folks have a reputation for being laid back – that’s quite understandable being surrounded by some of America’s most spectacularly beautiful scenery. I rode my bike from Seattle to San Fran years ago – set out to do it in 2 weeks and took 3 months because I couldn’t drag myself away from the Oregon coast. I can see now I should have also gone further inland.


    • Hi Keegan – Laid back mmmm indeed, there is so much to take in :)
      Without question pacific northwest is definitely the most lovely part of the country. U definitely should plan to explore more then next time ur are around here !


  2. That’s a spectacular shot. Just fantastic.


  3. Such a wonderful shot! It is so beautiful!!! Great work, Sathya!


  4. This is absolutely stunning!!!


  5. This is very stunning Sathya! I’ll bet that was quite an experience. There is nothing better than sleeping out under the stars!


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