Twilight Blues at Haystack Rock & Needles

I love shooting at Cannon Beach.

It was fun getting this shot. I did not have any waterproof shoes that day and the water was biting cold. So it was more of cat & mouse play with the waves. I had envisioned to get the expanse of the beach and the receding water in the evening twilight. If you look real close you can see the light house too in the far horizon. To get this composition I set the tripod really close and low to the haystack rock. Shooting at 10mm helped capture the length of the beach and the Neutral Density Filter (ND3) helped increase the exposure to 20 seconds. Waiting for the sun to get below the horizon aided to capture the deep blue colors of twilight.

Buy Print Haystack Rock & Needles
Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

8 Comments to “Twilight Blues at Haystack Rock & Needles”

  1. Your efforts paid off. Beautiful Image.


  2. my oh my … I am waiting for you to turn up in UK…


  3. As if the time has stopped… Wonderful photo, Sathya. :)


  4. Love the colors Sathya! It’s always a rewarding experience to see a picture like this and know your dedication and hard work paid off!


    • Couldn’t agree more Michael, It is really nice when things fall in place and the final results turn out to be as planned or better :)
      Thanks for your encouraging words !


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