Covert Gem of Oregon – Abiqua Falls

A visit to Abiqua falls is quiet an encompassing experience. It starts with the leisurely silver falls scenic drive from Silverton. Before you could realize, you are navigating over and down the hilly terrain. Yes an ATV would be awesome, but don’t worry you can manage with any decent passenger car, provided you drive slowly. From the parking lot, the walking quickly changes to hike, then a bit of trek, some scramble across the rocks and logs, throw in a bit of sliding, scrambling, dodging the water as you navigate your way based on the falls that you hear at the distance. Falling just at over 100 feet – it is not the biggest of the Oregon falls, but getting the glimpse of this falls after the adventures trek gives a kind of peaceful and serene contentment. It is as if you just entered a different magical world. This weeks I share with you a slice of moment from my visit. The late afternoon sun just lit up the lichen creating the glowing contrast with the falls.

Buy Print Abiqua Falls @ Santiam State Forest
Marion, Oregon, USA

11 Responses to “Covert Gem of Oregon – Abiqua Falls”

  1. OH MY GOD .. what do i say to this .. what camera do you use .. how do u get such lovely picstures .. salute you sir…


    • Thanks for the compliments Bikram – I shoot with canon 7D + Tamron 18 – 270mm
      did u ask how these are so lovely – I stumbled across a magic wand, just done tell anyone ;-)


  2. Beautiful image. I love the rich deep tones and colors.


  3. WOW ! Love the way U capture the moments – especially when U stand there for hours waiting for them and share


  4. I only just learned of this waterfall..I have been to Silver Falls State Park,many many times…this one looks like it would be a well worth effort!



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