Million Stars @ Trillium Lake

The starry skies on a clear night is so peaceful and soothing. Trillium Lake @ the base of Mt hood is an awesome place for watching the stars too. It is just far enough from the city to avoid the light pollution and short enough for an evening drive.

This was shot with the canon 7D at a slightly higher ISO [6400] and exposure of 30 seconds. It is indeed amazing how much cameras have evolved there by enhancing flexibility, freedom and creativity. This is one of my initial try, yeah there is lot more learning yet to be done … Though I am not satisfied with the overall shot, I was glad  to be able to capture the milky way. Now I would just have to wait for the winter to pass so I can just drive up to Trillium Lake. U know, its biting cold to hike up, and not so pleasant to camp out in the snow :)

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Milky Way @ Trillium Lake
Mt Hood, Oregon, USA


17 Responses to “Million Stars @ Trillium Lake”

  1. Wow this is beautiful .. I have just bought a cannon 550D.. dont know how to use it yet but getting the hang of it .. hopefully one day i will learn


    • Thanks Bikram ! I used to shoot with 450D prior 7D. 550D is an awesome piece of equipment ! One thing that I have learnt is that the camera manuals have lot more information that we think. Just need patience, which I completely lack :)
      Looking forward to the shots from u !


  2. I am so looking forward to moving to Oregon….I remember skies like this as a kid and my son has never seen anything like this!


  3. Hi Beth ! Glad I was able to bring back memories ! I just love the Pacific NW, it is such a beautiful place. I couldn’t not agree more, the experience always multiplies when enjoyed along with the kids :)


  4. Loved this shot. Stars are always fascinating. :) Great photo, as always!


  5. wow great !thank u for giving such an awful exp inside the four walls


  6. This photo is sublime, this is great art, I love it !


  7. wonderfully composed and processed !


  8. This is just beautiful! Gives me Goosebumps :)


  9. Nice! The sky feels very close… though the stars are just about to shower on me !

    And, just a quick note – I don’t think the tag ‘postaweek2012’ is being used for this year. It must be ‘postaday’ whether you are posting once a week or everyday. That is how I have understood it. Will check and let you know if my understanding is wrong.


    • u dream big ! star shower would be awesome :)

      on the tag, I never thought to check the formal wordpress this year. I know I will not be able to do post a day. Just continued to use the same format from last year. May be will use it to group my posts so I can pull the 2012 posts together when needed. Thanks for noticing and sharing.



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