Driving without Destination

Some of the trips are amazing, because of the destination. Some because of the company you have. Some because of the car you drive. But many a times we don’t realize that the enroute journey itself, is quiet fulfilling and sometime much more than the destination. This week shot is from one such drive to enjoy the beautiful country side of Oregon, with no particular destination in mind. Not having any destination, allowed ample stop over to enjoy the amazing country side in the season of the fall. It was indeed a little overcast, but overall enjoyed the climate and the way this shot turned out.

So get a break… take ur car, just drive and hey don’t forget ur camera , how else can we partake in ur enjoyment :)

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Oregon Country Side
Enroute from Portland to Estacada, Oregon, USA


16 Responses to “Driving without Destination”

  1. Great shot! I love some of the “in-between” places I find while traveling. I run into the grey sky problem at times as well… If you down the strength in photomatix and up the contrast in post processing, also bumping up exposure, it seems to help a bit. Great shot though!


  2. Nice shot – wonderful reflections on the river… great composition too!


  3. OMG!!! Breathtaking!!! the picture,the write up, makes me want to go on a long drive and yes learn a bit of photography to capture such scenic beauty


  4. Hi Roopa , Thanks ! btb there is nothing to learn, just go out and shoot, and learning will happen :)


  5. Was enthralled for a moment by looking at that Pic Sathya.


  6. nice snap…. loved the colours and serene landscape beauty…
    keep up the good work, dude!!


  7. What a beautiful, idyllic scene!


  8. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have been a slack but what a treat…….When I look at that picture of yours, I am actually standing right there. Unreal…….



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