The Lone House

Kodaikanal is one of the most popular and charming hill station of south India. This was shot enroute from Kodai to Bangalore. As we were leaving, just before the down hill drive started, pulled by a place to shop for the famed home made chocolates. Just behind the shop(s), was graced with the beautiful hilly terrain with this lone home. Definitely makes one wonder how it would feel to stay right amidst nature !!!

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TamilNadu, India


8 Comments to “The Lone House”

  1. Beautiful colours, the cool contrast between the shiny green and dark blue is wonderful.


  2. Oh beautiful! I wonder if any others who have been to Kodaikanal several times have actually noticed this. I would love to ask my friends :-). Great find and job well done!!


  3. Beautiful, Sathya. I love the blue against the green, too. And the softness of the entire picture. It is so fairytale-like. As if a Cinderella will just walk out of the hut.


    • Glad u liked it, Thanks for the generous words.
      Cinderella walking out, now that u say, it could happen anytime now … also i think it actually shows the writer in u :)


  4. O I just love the colors in this picture. Good work. :)


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