The Golden Sunrise @ Marina Beach

This week’s shot is from Marina Beach – the second largest beach in the world. The place gets brimmed with people from all walks of life, during a typical evening. The early mornings though are little different.  If you get to the one, near the Besant nagar residential area, it is real serene – except for the few joggers and fishermen setting up for the days catch. This is from one such morning, when I managed to drag myself, out of the bed early to get to the place, to be treated with an awesome sun rise. The early mornings are probably the best time to enjoy the Chennai beaches !

On the post processing front, yeah, I know is kind of little extreme on the HDR. But I really dig the way it turned out, nothing else would have helped me capture the golden hour better. More over it goes well with the new bold and dynamic theme here at the blog [if ur reading this via feed reader or mail, do drop by the site to check out the updates]. What do u think… Feel free to leave feedback in comments !!!

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Sunrise, Marina Beach
Chennai, India


13 Comments to “The Golden Sunrise @ Marina Beach”

  1. Marvellous! what a picture!


  2. amazing, beautiful:) just see that all of your pictures are awesome. keep up the great work. thanks


  3. @Sanjeev, Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Glad that u like the shots. Do keep visiting for the weekly dose :)


  4. OH WOW! Beautiful shot which only thickens my love for Marina beach even more. Lots of good memories and times spent here. It has been ages since I have visited the beach and this shot just about did it for me – I am going to visit the beach next time I am visiting family. Lovely shot and you seem to have some amazing posts here. Excellent!


    • Hi – Sweet memories from Marina, who would not have one , especially if from chennai, right !? Glad my shot just tipped it for u in the right direction :) Enjoy ur visit…
      Really appreciate ur kind words , thanks for stopping by !


  5. So dramatic! Very powerful.


  6. I love this one its lush !!! well done


  7. Awesome! It is a bit extreme, like you said, but sometimes that works. And basically, your photography is about what YOU like! I’m digging the darkness of the scene even with the light of the sunset.


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