God is an experience, not an expression

Nebo Loop Scenic Drive, Payson

Utah, USA

It was an amazing drive to the Nebo Loop. Nebo loop is a scenic drive – probably the most scenic in Utah for Fall colors. As we started the drive in the morning thought the colors have not yet peaked out and was quiet dull. But as the sun came higher the colors just popped out !!!

For other experience in the collection check this out.


5 Comments to “God is an experience, not an expression”

  1. This is quite an amazing picture!


  2. Nice Capture dude…. Hope u r having a blast with your sxi (sti??)


  3. come on man, as if u did’nt know it was xsi, Canon Xsi !!
    and s it indeed is a blast :)


  4. I keep thinking about the Subaru STI and mixed it up with your Canon… any way you know I am a novice in Photography / Gadgets and Technology ;)


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