8 mp + 6x zoom + Image Stabilization = $200 ! WOW

Canon 720 IS – Is it really worth a wait?

I’ll know in a month or so. I moved to Canon S2 IS from Canon S50 three years back. It has been Canon for me that worked from the beginning. The cost of Memory Stick and compatibility has always kept me a little farther from Sony.


I have been looking at the option of moving to an SLR for the last couple of months. Still trying to gather reasons to justify the $$$ involved in the same ;-)

Meanwhile I was looking for a camera for my mom. Doing a quick search and reading some reviews zero’ed down on some canon models. That is when Canon 720 IS caught my attention.

Some of the key feature that I was looking for and available in Canon 720 IS were


In Canon 720 IS

Compact Its compact & Sleek
Point & shoot (with Manual Control) ~20 Shooting Mode(s) , with manual options
Power Zoom 6x (not as great as S2’s 12x , but still better)
> 6 megapixel for small Poster Print 8 megapixel
Cost List price $250 (Street Price ~ $200)
AA Batteries Yes. Having AA battery compatibility helps a lot, when ur stuck out of no where (lesson learnt from experience !!!)
Image Stabilization Yes, Makes a lot of difference , especially with power zoom
Memory Options MMC, SD and SD HC (High Capacity)
Movie Mode Fast Frame Rate Movie mode for 60-frame-per-second video with sound
Support for additional lenses Yes , Just in case ;-)

So here I am, awaiting for this sleek power toy ! Here is a detailed review of canon 710 , its predecessor, to get a feel for it! For a complete Spec of Canon 720 IS check this.

Update: This is available for $250 from couple of locations. Amazon.com was running this for $229 for just a couple of days last week. Now its $250 there too. Just today (Sept 23) morning noticed its available from oncecall.com for $229 (inclusive of 3 days Fedex shipping + no Tax). This seems to be the best price as of now. Just now placed an order, might not last long !!!

Update 2: It indeed was worth it. Except for the delay between shots (account to just 2 battries rather than 4 like my IS S2) , its just amazing !!!


One Comment to “8 mp + 6x zoom + Image Stabilization = $200 ! WOW”

  1. Yep, amazing camera for the price. Much more responsive than S60 (and, I guess, S50)


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