Night Shoot – Mt Hood

Each time I drove through I84, when I see Mt Hood standing so majestic, I wish at the least, I was not in the driver seat and at the extreme, was tempted to pull over at the emergency shoulder on the side of the highway and shoot out to my fullest the snow covered Mt. Hood.

I had always seen Mt Hood when I was on the way to somewhere and wanted to spend some quality time enjoying the splendor of the same. Hence when I first saw the ‘call for night shoot’ @ Flickr in PDX Ground, I was all game for it.

So yesterday several of Flickrites (Redgum, cinnabear100, outre, chief_dawg, WolfMana & myself) got together for a night shoot of Mt Hood headed by Redgum (Thanks a lot Redgum for putting it together). We drove to Trillium lake around 5:30 PM. Though the morning was bit foggy , the afternoon turnout to be bit more brighter.

The 15 second exposure limit on my S2 was bit restrictive, but still some of the shots came out good. Click on the picks to see a larger version @ Flickr, and here for a slide show.

Mt Hood Mt Hood from US 26, Pulled the car over the shoulder , ran across the highway and shot this. This actually is a HDR and I pretty much like the results
Mt Hood as reflected on Trillium Lake. It was around 7 PM and was quiet dark. Long exposure do create wonders. For a HDR version of the same check this out Reflections
Sunset ! Sun set @ Trillium Lake

The best part is I have never met the folks I went with yesterday, but it was fun, was a good team. Learnt new things, met some aliens, froze cold and got some good shots of Mt Hood. Meeting new ppl, learning their view and ideas, thank you Flickr for bring us all together (it is just not technology at the end, but how to make ppl use it).

Click here to see a VR Panorama of the view from Trillium Lake during daytime.

With the winter fast approaching , not sure of the probabilities of having one, but looking out for the next shoot out :)

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2 Comments to “Night Shoot – Mt Hood”

  1. That’s what I call a photowalk. Way to go! It sounds like you had a great time.


  2. yeah Trevor, We had a great time. I am already missing the Flickr group @ Portland, OR. Yet to get to know the local Flickr community here @ SLC, UT


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