Vidae Waterfall, Crater Lake National Park

It is the deep blue water that comes to mind when you think of Crater Lake, definitely not waterfalls. But the Crater Lake National Park does house one of the prettiest of them all – Vidae Waterfall. Access to the waterfalls cannot be any more easier – just drive, hop out , enjoy the falls ! Yes, is located along the rim drive, on the south east side of the lake, right off the road [just before the Phantom ship overlook when you are driving anti clockwise around the lake]. It is a fun place to hike up to the water, just be cautious of the loose stones. The cascading of the water in multiple levels and the wild flowers definitely makes even more beautiful.

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens : Tamron 18-270mm
Filter : Circular Polarizer
ISO 100 : 59 mm : f32 : 2.0 sec

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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA

8 Comments to “Vidae Waterfall, Crater Lake National Park”

  1. Beautifully done Sathya. Perfect exposure.


  2. Ooooh I love that it is portrait. Great work, Sathya. :)


  3. WOWO and thanks for the spec in the end .. this will give the likes of me some ideas how to use the camera tooo :)


    • Hey Bikram Thank you :)
      Lot of my other friends have been asking for the spec too, that I started to add them to the posts recently. Each shot is diff and the setting depend on the nature of light. Though it might not be of much use, it definitely gives some insight into the shot. Hope it helps !!!


  4. Beautiful shot Sathya! The little flowers at the bottom are a nice touch!


    • Though u need to meander with the crowds during the early fall, when the season is at peak at crater lake, it has its advantages. The water flow was just right and the spray of flowers were an added bonus :)


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