The Ray of Hope or probably not

I hope she would …
I hope one day …
I hope to …
I hope if only …
I just hope …
I hope …

It just doesn’t feel right. May be – hope – is just an excuse, for NOT wanting to take action.
It stops you from recognizing what is within you, what you are capable of, what you can achieve.

So, stop hoping …
Find the spark within,
Make things happen,
Get what you want,
The way you want,
And by the by, Do it now!

This abstract looking shot is for real. It is from the upper antelope (slot) canyon. Antelope Canyon is sometimes called Corkscrew Canyon, for the twisted features inside. Probably one of the most photographed places in the world, it is carved, day in & day out, by forces of nature. It pays to be there in the mid-morning (~ 10 AM). Next best time would be mid-afternoon (~ 2 AM) to get vivid colors. The position of the sun and the season also makes a difference. Light can make all the difference, right ! And do make sure to take care of Daylight saving time. As if DST is not confusing enough, Page(AZ) the nearest city does utilize DST but the Navajo nation (inside which the slot canyon is located) does employ DST. And when you are there, please don’t use flash. It does more harm to the shots than you know :)

Even the best of the photographs don’t do enough justice to this place. You just need to be there to experience it and see for yourself.

Buy Print Upper Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation
Page, AZ, USA

16 Comments to “The Ray of Hope or probably not”

  1. What a lovely place! I’ve been to the lower Antelope Canyon, which is also stunning, but it doesn’t have this amazing light inside.


    • Yeah, it indeed is an awesome place, especially with the right light. I loved the lower antelope canyon too. I would like to get back some day, to lower canyon for the first morning light !!!


  2. Oh wow. So amazing that you could visit here. Must have been heavenly, out-of-Earth experience! And what a beautiful piece of photography. :)


    • Thanks Nandini. There are few places u look & wonder, why is it like this !?!? This is one such lovely place, totally out of the world. If u beat the crowd on the low season, the cool breeze and the micro-climate within surrounds u with a kind of spiritual feeling …


  3. I did not read your post first and was trying to figure out what it was. I love abstract sometimes because it says something different to each person. Here I really thought they were two long pieces of fabric in play with light but man!! Must have been like striking gold when you got that shot. It is amazing! You are a lucky man!!


  4. I have seen many photographs of Antelope Canyon but I must say you’ve done an incredible job with this image. I love the sun flare coming in through the crack. Just stunning.


  5. This is a lovely shot…with the light rays peeking through. And you’re right, it’s probably one of the most photographed locations in the world. I’ve seen pics of it but I didn’t even know where it was (sigh) :)


    • Hi Pavitra – Welcome to the blog. U can see these kind of formations in almost all slot canyons. But the length of the canyon, accessibility and the amazing colors u can see with the right light makes this such a visited place, probably :)


  6. WOW now that is something .. it is beautiful .. thanks for sharing


  7. Stunning image – such beautiful colours captured too


  8. Wow, gorgeous curves and colours. What a majestic experience. Isn’t nature awesome.


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